The organization – which claims to work in the field of antiracism – has clearly betrayed its cause. Betrayal which stems from revelling in an act of thinly disguised anti-Semitism, expressed through the accusation that Jewish people, wherever they are and whatever their political opinions may be, are responsible for the Middle East conflict; an ethnic interpretation which we refuse to accept.   

Furthermore, the procedure used by the organization is marked by malice, having taken advantage of a ceremony aimed at reflecting on the deadly consequences of the logic of hatred which lead to the destruction of 2/3 of Jews in Europe.    

Above all, this unhealthy and symbolically violent action, is, as with all modern anti-Semitic rhetoric, wanting to systematically “nazify” the Jewish community.   

Our astonishment is even greater as “New SOS Racism” takes its name in reference to our organization, SOS Racisme, established in 1984 in France. Yet SOS Racisme France, as with all the SOS Racism associations created across Europe following 1984 (Spain, Italy, Austria…), has always displayed the greatest level of clarity on questions concerning Anti-Semitism. Because at SOS racism, we believe that you cannot maintain to be an antiracist if you are not clear about your fight against anti-semitism   

The Norwegian organisation has usurped and soiled the identity of the SOS Racism community by contributing to the wave of hatred and which ought to be at the heart of their fight.   

After already having polluted the name SOS Racism due to fraud, which lead to its original dissolution, the organization has once again tarnished the name in implicating itself with anti-Semitism.     

If the leaders of the Norwegian organisation had the smallest shred of decency, they would hasten to change their name. A name that reminds us that the historic French branch, which is very much active today, was created thanks to the support of the Union of Jewish Students in France and with whom we have maintained strong links over the years.

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