The present report depicts the efforts made by Palestinians to cushion the effects of the economic crisis. The study, which builds on fieldwork conducted in March 2007, argues that food aid and postponement of bills are key factors in explaining why a humanitarian crisis has not yet occurred in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. To compensate for wage reduction or unemployment, people sought to multiply their income sources. Those unable to generate cash income relied heavily on social networks.

Palestinian society is becoming increasingly aid dependent, and mobility restrictions on the West Bank and the siege of Gaza prevents economic recovery. While refugees benefit from UNRWA support, needy non-refugees are more vulnerable.

Against the Odds
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Utgitt år – 2007

Utgiver – FAFO

Undertittel – How Palestinians Cope through Fiscal Crisis, Closures and Boycott

Språk – Engelsk

Antall sider – 120

Dokumenttype – rapport

ISBN – 978-82-7422-608-1